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This work continues the successful series of guides to the world's most famous museums. This time the subject is the Accademia Gallery in Florence, the site of Michelangelo's David, perhaps the most ubiquitous artwork in the universal collective imagination. Francesca Stufa takes children of her own making and sets them off through the museum together with a guide who narrates, not only the stories of David and how he had stood elsewhere for centuries, but the history of the building itself and the uses to which it was put over the centuries. All illustrated through full page colour plates. Precise, lively, amusing and to the point, this colourful guide is also particularly handy and durable thanks to its square format (18x18 cm; pp. 70) and hardcover binding. Affordably priced, it offers a 'tongue-in-cheek' approach to the great museum, just what is needed for our young visitors.
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